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About Us

Nothing feels better than building something yourself from a few pieces of wood. Most people will never experience this kind of satisfaction, though, even if they have the passion. That’s because the world of woodworking is full obstacles that often keep newbies away.

Expensive tools, complicated plans, and occasional snobby attitudes from more experienced woodworkers can easily put off a beginner from ever wanting to get started in the craft. That’s a shame. The truth is, almost anyone can build simple wood projects – with little or no woodworking experience. And it certainly doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars on woodworking tools, especially if you’re using inexpensive pine lumber from a home center – like 2x4s and 1x boards.

That’s why I created Here you can jump-start your woodworking skills – and at the same time build some great pieces of furniture for your home and shop. Our unique collection tools and project plans are designed especially for those who want great results on a project without spending a lot of time, money, and hassle to do it. That means easy-to-use tools that prevent measuring errors (no numbers, no fractions), and practical, no-nonsense instructions that fill in the missing pieces typical woodworking plans leave out.

EZwoodshop tools have been featured in some of the most respected media outlets in the industry, including Popular Woodworking, Do-it-Yourself Magazine, and DIY Network.