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EZ Match Bit & Screw Guide

I know it’s tempting drive wood screws without a pilot hole, but this lazy approach to woodworking can cause more problems than it’s worth. Of course the real trick is making sure the pilot hole you drill is the right size for the screw you want to use.

If a pilot hole is too large, a screw can lose its grip…and spin freely in the hole. If a pilot hole is too small, a screw can crack the board…or put up so much resistance that it’s impossible to twist in. You might also end up stripping the head of the screw if you’re using a power driver.

A drill bit chart can help…by showing you what size bit to use with a particular size screw…but this assumes you know the sizes of all the screws and bits you keep in your shop. As much as I try to keep things organized…over time, my screws and bits become hopelessly jumbled.    

That’s why I created the EZ Match Bit & Screw Guide. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool for quickly matching a drill bit to a wood screw – without having to know the size of either. I think you’ll find the EZ Match Bit & Screw Guide to be a great tool for avoiding the most common problems people have when drilling pilot holes and driving screws.

But I’ll let you decide that for yourself. If for any reason you are not thoroughly delighted with the EZ Match Bit & Screw Guide, I’ll gladly refund your purchase. No questions asked.