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EZ Measure Stick

No-Math Measuring!

Getting inside measurements can be tricky with a measuring tape or ruler. That's why I created the the EZ Measure Stick. The unique expandable rod lets you record exact dimensions from some of the most hard-to-measure spaces you can imagine.

Go Where Tapes and Rules Don't Fit!

The large EZ Measure Stick captures measurements from 7 inches (collapsed) to 45 inches (expanded). Then it's simply a matter of copying the measurement to the board you want to cut.

EZ Measure Stick (Jumbo)
This set includes TWO large measure sticks with a center coupling screw.
(2) Extendible Rods - 94" max.
(1) Center Coupling Screw
(2) EZ Measure Stick Tips

EZ Measure Stick (Large)
This set features one expandable rod.
(1) Extendible Rod - 47" max.
(2) EZ Measure Stick Tips