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EZ Pinch Stick / Measure Stick


ez pinch stick measuring


EZ Pinch Stick: Quickly Square Up Large Cabinets!
Woodworking squares and triangles do a nice job of making the smaller projects I build straight and true. But for larger pieces, like cabinets and bookcases, these tools can be misleading. They’re simply too small to show whether a project is square – or not.

Experienced woodworkers know that the best way to avoid a crooked cabinet is to measure the diagonals of the box. If both measurements are exactly the same, the cabinet is square. That’s why I created the EZ Pinch Stick. It’s a unique measuring tool that lets you check the diagonals of a large box or cabinet with speed and accuracy.

The sharp tip extends deep into the cabinet, giving you an extremely precise reading between opposite corners. If you discover your cabinet is out of square, simply nudge the corners and check the diagonals again.

The EZ Pinch Stick includes:
(2) Extendable rods, which give you a maximum measuring area of 92 inches!
(1) Center coupling screw
(2) Removable corner tips

If you’re familiar with my EZ Measure Stick, you might recognize a similarity between the tools. In fact, the EZ Measure Stick and the EZ Pinch Stick both use the same extendable rod for capturing inside dimensions. Keep in mind that your EZ Pinch Stick can easily be converted back to an EZ Measure Stick simply by removing the center coupling screw and replacing the tips.

I think you’ll find the EZ Pinch Stick to be a very helpful tool for making sure large projects like cabinets and bookcases are square and true. And if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate that extra precision in your work.