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EZ Corner Clamp

When building cabinets and bookcases, joining the sides of the box can be a challenge. It seems that two hands are never enough to hold everything together! Sure, I could buy expensive woodworking corner clamps, but these can cost more than the project itself. The EZ Corner Clip provides an economical alternative to expensive woodworking corner clamps. Using a couple clamps from your own shop, you’ll bring the corners of your box together at a perfect 90 degree angle, ready for simple butt joints (on the outside) or pocket hole joints (on the inside). It’s the perfect tool for building boxes (and bookcases), at a fraction of the cost of buying conventional corner clamps.

EZ Corner Clamp 12-Piece Set
With this set, complete all four corners of your box or cabinet at the same time. Includes four center clips.

What You Get—Item #CC12
—(4) Top Clip
—(4) Bottom Clip
—(4) Center Clip

EZ Corner Clamp 6-Piece Set 
With this set, you'll complete one side of your box first, then move the clips to the opposite side.

What You Get—Item #CC06
—(2) Top Clip
—(2) Bottom Clip
—(2) Center Clip